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House in Ostrov  Moscow Region


In conjunction with Tatiana Borisova


Our first meeting with the customers held a pleasant surprise for us – hospitality and vivacity of this family. All generations are represented here: head of the family, his wife, sons and a young granddaughter. All of them together create a family atmosphere of the house.

Despite various wishes of all members of the family in terms of the areas function and style, we saw an attempt at merging their desires in a single interior decoration solution and finding something that each of them would like as an interesting task.

In creating the interior we were inspired by the rich history of the Ostrov area and the atmosphere of the traditional Russian dacha with the dominating wood elements.

The concept is to merge the three rooms in a common zoned area. The consolidating elements are the ceilings and walls decoration, absence of the doors and common floor pattern.

Each room is organized along the main axis where the principal elements are positioned: in the dining room these are the dining table and chairs, in the sitting room – the settee and armchairs group and the functional in the kitchen.

All rooms but the kitchen now have the largest possible windows opening onto the garden.

Numerous open shelves create a visual effect of larger space filling it with details and creating storage areas.

Despite the open shelves over the work surface, the furniture set comprises a sufficient number of enclosed cabinets.

All design solutions of the concept were implemented: architectural as well as interior design. Strict quality control and control of compliance with the design were at each stage of the project implementation.

Interior decoration elements, such as furniture, lighting, textile, table-ware were selected and purchased as close to the project concept as possible.

Thus, we created an extremely interesting brightly-lit space with numerous scenery spots and cozy nooks that is stately and very homely.



Photos by Ilya Ivanov



NTV Broadcast 22 / 11 / 15

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